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Aporia has another article out on the same theme, "Good trans, bad trans", about race faker Rachael Dolezal and the inconsistency of the left embracing trans ideology but not transracialism. It's a feature not a bug. Parading absurdities is a projection of power by the left. Next week good/bad could change places. At the heart of this synthetic reality is something more basic.

Many of the scenes of claimed atrocities by Israel are choreographed fakes. And the lefties, journalists, and Western news outlets who broadcast them know they are fake. It's so well know it's a genre, "Pailliwood", staged crisis scenes wildly popular in the Arab world. There are star actors, like social media influencer Saleh Aljafarawi, featured in a Tablet article.

He is " ... a victim of an Israeli air raid, writhing in pain in a Gaza hospital ... a day or two later: He’s a radiologist now, helping a blood-smeared patient into a small MRI machine. ... he has died on camera—not once but twice—and then, like Lazarus, come back to life. He sired a (fake, plastic) child, then lost it in a bombing; found work as a foreign correspondent; picked up a gun and joined the fighting; laughed joyfully when Jews were slaughtered; ... discovered his calling as a singer; led guided tours of his shelled-out hometown."

Here is the link to the article. In it are references to others. To see what this is all about just replace anti-Semitism with the victims of the left as a whole.


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You have said many times though that cultures that are high in positive and negative ethnocentrism are the ones that prosper and succeed. You have also said many times that multiculturalism and therefore inevitably by extension multiracialism make societies low in trust. You recently made a video drawing attention to Nihal Arthanayake's comments and how the state of his mental health was predictable and inevitable.

I have good friends I met at University who were of different races, they no longer live in the UK, but I still stay in contact with them. Why is it unethical to say they shouldn't have the right to permanent residence in England when they already have residence in de facto ethno-states of their own?

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I can see why you have no wish to live in an ethno state due to you having friends of different races but would you say that a racially diverse state is a strength or a weakness? And if it's a weakness, wouldn't you advocate for ethno states?

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How can you not be a white-nationalist if you know all the downsides of multiculturalism? ED you are virtue signalling non-racism

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In my opinion it is sad that white nationalism/ethnonationalism is such a minority. But each to their own I guess, or not as some liberals would have it.

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Voting with their feet, for sure.

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The most clear case that wealthy while liberals need a foil over racism was the 50 migrants sent to Martha's Vineyard then quickly escorted out. Houses there commonly have yard signs with multiple left wing slogans like Black Live Matter, We stand with out LGBTQ Community Members, We Stand With Immigrants, with Refugees ..., and so on. It's a little fraud the left plays.

They live there because it is mostly white except for the people who clean their houses and mow their lawns. All perfectly reasonable. No one wants to live around third world immigrants and refugees. But it can be costly to admit that. So they launder their "white nationalism" by accusing the right of racism and making a show of being advocates for the unfortunate.

There is a real fear of getting tagged as right wing and the damage that can do to careers and social standing. Those yard signs are totems to ward off bad spirits even though everyone knows it's fake.

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Typical N Carl argument. He always gets his politics wrong.

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Wouldn't it be interesting to have journalists, after writing an online article about the speaker of the article's content, name the nearest intersection closest to the speaker's home address and then detail the demographics of that area? No house numbers or street names, but a close-by general area.

Like Gavin Newsome's general San Fran neighborhood, for instance? And offer Gavin's vague areas where he lived prior, such as in, Olympic Valley, CA 96146, and Fair Oaks, CA 95628 and in Greenbrae, CA 94904?

How much diversity in those neighborhoods -- across several categories -- would you assume to be the case?

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My working theory is that nature doesn't make mistakes. If that is the case, in evolutionary terms, what purpose do liberals serve?

My own thoughts would be that perhaps they concentrate their degenerate genes in a minority group and minimise the impact on the non-liberal majority.

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