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These days one of the Left's favorite questions to justify the transgender madness is "What is a woman?" -- as if that's so profound and deep. The answer is very simple: Anyone with Y chromosome is male, and anyone without is a female/woman. And this can be ascertained in about 5 minutes flat from a buccal swab. So, one might be led to believe that the phenotypical differences b/w the sexes might be hard-codes in the sex chromosomes... but this has been shown not to be true. What then does have the greatest effect on sexual phenotype? HORMONES. Numerous studies have shown that the fetus's exposure to Testosterone vs. Estrogen is ultimately what influences sexual phenotypes... sex organs, the way the brain works, the way the child/person ultimately thinks, behaves, and views the world. Usually these -- the sex chromosomes and the Test vs. Est balance are consistent, indeed it is the sex chromosomes that determine this, but in exceptional situations -- e.g. hormone-secreting tumors, external endocrine disruptors like atrazine -- everything goes haywire... and the fetus develops into the "wrong" sex. I'll share an excellent excerpt about this from a recent book I read in a separate post.

My point by all this is that HORMONES, particularly sex hormones, are critically important for normal, healthy human function and behavior. And anything that disrupts these and their normal ebbs and flows WILL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS. Anyone notice the rise of feminism and especially radical feminism in the past 50 years? While some is undoubtedly bc of govt propaganda (after all, more women working = more taxes and bigger govt), I wonder how this tracks with OCP use? And of course, as Professor Dutton has written about, the rise of feminism is one the early hallmarks of a societal decline.

Anyway, my view is that women who just want to have promiscuous sex likely don't have great genes anyway, so as long as they don't have children, let them have at it. And to ensure they don't have children, let's pay them to get tubal ligations: https://childfreebc.com/candidates/. I encourage everyone I know to donate there and share that service. Feminism is just another manifestation of Dysgenics. And to combat that we need equally strong EUGENICS, like CBC offers.

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Women as part of the mothering instinct inherently have a view that things will turn out alright in times of crisis, like when we are children and a small cut on the knee is something dramatic. It's an important part of what makes a good mother and as the saying goes, a good wife.

It's also what makes women a poor choice in involving high-stakes decision making, where things frequently don't turn out right and often with disastrous results.

People don't appreciate how much a part women being elevated into those roles has had on the decline of politics and everything else over the last 60 years, which also coincides with the introduction of the pill. A very bad combination having someone in a decision making role who not only can't foresee bad consequences, but has no fear of them either. Find a better explanation for the some of insanity we are living with if you can.

The pill and casual abortion have also made women more course and sterile in what makes them our "better half'", or being on the side of the angels. The pill and abortion have made women indifferent to murder and death, and virtue to have lost any meaning.

It is compounded by something else lost. No longer our valuable counterpart, women have become an analog of men but without our valuable traits, one of those being integrity. That abstract concept is missing in women for the obvious reason. For women, fighting for their children and retaining their mate is all out war, whatever it takes. That instinct is an important part of what makes women women, but another negative in the system that once held things together, relative to now anyway. Taken together, the pill, abortion, and feminist dogma have created a dangerous new being.

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You do know that women are generally agreeable creatures that face pressures from men to both control their fertility throughout their most fertile years and abort unplanned pregnancies? The technology is out of the bag and women are expected to use it. Faced with celibacy, men will choose to pressure their girlfriends into premarital sex - they always have. The difference now is that women have contraception choices, so men are free from their moral responsibilities.

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one caveat, incase woman decides on their own to keep (or by accident didnt notice until too late by laws) that child is coming, usually man is deemed to pay child support until 18. This seems to have cultural effect in US now along divorce costs. So Id say there are many kinds of groups of men, but like with anyone, given opportunity and no consequences, they will do as they desire, be it woman or man.

Young men certainly are like that, hormones are strong around 16-26yo, then those settle and self control is a bit better. This is why I have doubts with co-sex workplaces and study places. It can work later maybe 40-70yo but not among 20yo.

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"usually man is deemed to pay child support until 18"

Generally higher I.Q. men -- who are future-oriented, avoid this trap of playing Russian Roulette with their downstairs plumbing since casual sex could mean the male, now father, is on the hook for the next 18 years and likely in the neighborhood of $600k payable to the mother of their child from the one-off Testosterone-Tango event.

If your libido outpaces your ability to think from your own planned-for future backwards to the consequences of the risk of present behavior ... well ... [sad trombone]

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Ive seen multiple stories of women when biological clock ticks, they decide to pickup a man and have kid, saying they have birth control... some do it for child gov paycheck (small amount, maybe 100europounds per month), some simply want to have a kid, alone. So Id think even lesser IQ man thinks twice after first kid. Granted I suspect lot of people travel to exotic places where sex tourism allows to shift this blame, though locals often try to catch up to pressure countries to plug these holes, as that is not their benefit either(eg Thailand which was popular destination to seek all kinds of cheap labor and all that, have recently upped their pressure if they notice abuse, neglect by other country citizens or businesses).

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For the woman whose clock is ticking, and she makes a ruthlessly selfish decision to raise a child who has access to a tiny stipend of government cheese, well, we are seeing the nefarious outcome of her decision(s) played out across the West.

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And what solution might you have for these ruthlessly selfish women and these unwanted offspring for making them beneficial to the publick?

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Part 2 - Dice, Mark. The War on Conservatives (pp. 136-150). The Resistance Manifesto.

Other Possible Causes

Sigmund Freud believed homosexuality is caused by a disruption in a child’s psycho-social development.556 Other psychologists agree.557 An article in Scientific America titled “Oedipus Complex 2.0: Like it or not, parents shape their children’s sexual preferences” states, “This basic developmental system, one in which certain salient childhood events ‘imprint’ our psychosexuality, may not be terribly uncommon. In fact, that early childhood experiences mold our adult sexual preferences—specifically, what turns us on and off, however subtle or even unconscious these particular biases may be—could even be run-of-the-mill.”558 Some studies have shown that people who were molested as children are inclined to later become child molesters themselves when they’re adults.559 So are people born pedophiles, or do they become pedophiles because of some horrific experience they themselves fell victim to as a child that altered their brain and perverting their desires? It’s severely politically incorrect to even remotely compare pedophiles to homosexuals, but isn’t it obvious that they both suffer from a similar sexual attraction dysfunction? Scientists have even identified a high correlation between people who were molested as children and those who identify as gay when they’re adults.560 It’s not just politically incorrect to say—and if you do say it, you could easily and quickly end your career, get kicked out of school, and/or banned from social media—but gay people (and transgenders) are not normal. That doesn’t mean you should hate them. But it doesn’t mean we should ignore the scientific and obvious reality. But you’re not allowed to say that they have a birth defect if they’re actually “born that way” as many claim. And you’re certainly not allowed to say they have a mental disorder. Instead, the Establishment is trying to frame the issue as if there’s no more of a difference between someone’s sexual orientation and gender identity than there is between someone who prefers to date blondes over brunettes, or someone who is left-handed vs right-handed. Of course there’s a world of difference between what hand somebody writes with or throws a baseball with and people using body parts in ways they clearly weren’t designed for (or cutting them off because they feel like they were born in the wrong body). You’re not allowed to have this conversation though, or even suggest that there is anything wrong with these people in any way, whether from a birth defect in a region of the brain that regulates sexual orientation and gender identity, or whether they developed some kind of mental disorder or maladjustment strategy to cope with the underlying issues.561 But inquisitive people can’t help but suspect that whatever is causing transgenderism and homosexuality is being covered up, and any investigation into it is violently discouraged.

Endocrine Disruptors

Aside from rapid-onset gender dysphoria, others point to hormonal imbalances that may be caused from synthetic estrogen or what are called endocrine disruptors that are believed to ultimately result in birth defects in the brain as a fetus develops (known as the hormone theory of sexual orientation).562 But for well over a decade there have been concerns that these chemicals have been feminizing boys when exposed to them as they’re developing in the womb. In 2005 the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York found that “Gender-bending chemicals mimicking the female hormone oestrogen can disrupt the development of baby boys” in the first human study about this after the effects had previously been widely known to occur in tests on animals.563 A few years later in 2009 they released a follow-up study further confirming that “Chemicals in plastics alter the brains of baby boys, making them more feminine.”564 The findings were reported in some mainstream outlets, including The Los Angeles Times, which noted, “Boys born to mothers who have above-normal levels of the controversial chemicals known as phthalates in their urine are less likely to exhibit masculine behavior, a new study has found. Phthalates, which block the activity of male hormones such as androgens, could be altering masculine brain development.”565 And while such findings should have caused as big of concern as the discovery of cancerous chemicals or the dangers of gun violence, these studies went mostly unnoticed. Scientists have also found that the lower the levels of testosterone a fetus is exposed to during gestation (growth), the more feminized the child will be if it’s a boy, and the more likely they are to be gay.566 And they found that by altering the levels of testosterone in pregnant animals they can change the sexual orientation of their offspring, thus making them gay.567 They even know the specific region of the brain that is affected—the third interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus, or the INAH-3, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for sexual behavior (the sexually dimorphic nucleus).568

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Part 1 - Dice, Mark. The War on Conservatives (pp. 136-150). The Resistance Manifesto. (I highly recommend this book btw)


While transgenderism is being hailed as the next “exciting” phase of human “evolution,” what’s rarely talked about are the detransitioners, or the people who at one point in their lives decided to try portraying themselves as the opposite gender, often taking hormones and even having surgery, who then later regret their decision and decide to revert back to their original gender. The phenomena first came to widespread attention in May 2021 when CBS’s 60 Minutes featured interviews with a group of them, causing LGBTQ activists and their allies to completely freak out. The LGBTQ lobbying organization GLAAD slammed the 60 Minutes report saying it was “a shameful segment fear mongering about trans youth,”545 and were especially upset because it included some of the detransitioners explaining that they were convinced to change their gender after watching popular transgender YouTubers and joining online trans communities on Tumblr where members encourage people to change their gender if they’re the slightest bit uncomfortable with their body or confused about their identity. The Human Rights Campaign, another queer advocacy group, said it “further marginalized and victimized” transgender people.546 They were concerned all right. Concerned that people were finally beginning to hear about the dark side of trying to change one’s “gender” and how there are people who deeply regret it and are warning others not to try it. Many Leftist lunatics who live their lives online reacted as if this was the start of a transgender holocaust. Media outlets that will even mention detransitioners cite figures that are very low, trying to downplay the number of people who regret their “transition.” The supposedly small percentage of detransitioners is most likely because they don’t get the celebration and adoration of those who “come out as trans.” Many who detransition are embarrassed about what they had done and so they quietly revert back to their original identity and try to get on with their lives.

Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria

Some believe that the cause of so many young people thinking they’re transgender is due to rapid-onset gender dysphoria, or a social contagion fueled by social media (and now mainstream media), and peer pressure.547 One transgender psychologist named “Erica” Anderson (who was born a man) and who has helped hundreds of teens transition, now expresses that “she” is worried the trend has “gone too far,” saying, “What happens when the perfect storm—of social isolation, exponentially increased consumption of social media, the popularity of alternative identities—affects the actual development of individual kids? We’re sailing in uncharted seas.”548 One explanation for rapid-onset gender dysphoria is that it’s a maladjusted way children (especially girls) deal with being uncomfortable with their body during puberty and the pressures of being sexy, so they’re repulsed by their own gender—feeling they can’t compare to the cultural standards of beauty. Often there are underlying mental health conditions which exacerbate their body image discomfort. Many are just lesbians, so they’re confused about being sexually attracted to other girls and think maybe they’re a boy in the wrong body because of the explosion of transgender propaganda in recent years. Similarly many teen boys who think they’re transgender are just gay (which you’re not supposed to say is also abnormal and something the medical community should research in order to prevent or cure, just like transgenderism). A young woman named Chloe Cole, who at age 15 got a double mastectomy removing her breasts in order to “transition” to a boy, later changed her mind in less than a year and a half after realizing she made a mistake and is one of the more visible detransitioners.549 Aside from giving numerous interviews detailing her story to warn others, she filed a lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente hospital in 2022 for breaching the standard of care for doing the double mastectomy on her when she was just a child.550 Transgender advocates argue that Conservatives being outraged over hospitals performing “sex change” surgeries or “gender affirming care” as it’s called, on minors isn’t happening, while at the same time denouncing those who are against it.551 Helena Kerschner is another young woman who speaks out about the danger of rapid-onset gender dysphoria after once identifying as a transgender man.552 “I don’t think I would have ever even considered seeing myself as a boy without the social aspects, especially if I hadn’t joined these online communities specifically because there wasn’t anything at the time, really in my school or in my community, that was influencing me. It was all online,” she now says.553 A retired Navy SEAL named Chris Beck famously became a transgender “woman” in 2013, and then years later announced that he had detransitioned back to a man and now says that he destroyed his life by thinking he was transgender and is warning people about not transitioning their children if they’re confused about who they are.554 Numerous studies have shown that the vast majority of children who suffer from gender dysphoria end up growing out of it once they go through puberty.555 And most probably wouldn’t have even questioned their gender at all if the idea hadn’t been planted in their minds in the first place.

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Part 3 - Dice, Mark. The War on Conservatives (pp. 136-150). The Resistance Manifesto.

Research by Ray Blanchard (who himself is gay) found that when a child is forming in utero, if there are high levels of antibodies against the NLGN4Y protein (which is involved in brain development in males), then the brain is also more feminized.569 This research indicates that the more boys a woman gives birth to, the more likely they are to be gay because there is a higher level of the protein each pregnancy.570 Dr. Deborah Soh, author of The End of Gender, suggests that further researching the cause of homosexuality and transgenderism with the goal of preventing it may be “unethical” because she knows if scientists confirm it’s a birth defect that could be prevented by pregnant women avoiding hormone-altering endocrine disruptors or offsetting them through medication, that would undermine LGBTQism, therefore the people who have been celebrating and promoting it will be viewed in hindsight like other medical quackery throughout history. Before plastic food packaging was the norm, it was mostly cardboard, metal, and glass. So is it just a coincidence that as plastic food packaging containing BPA became the standard that society has seen an explosion in gay people and transgenders? Also in recent years researchers have been reporting that sperm counts have dropped 50% over the last several generations and testosterone levels in men have also been dramatically declining.571 Women’s workout clothes have also recently been found contain as much as 40 times the levels of BPA that has been deemed safe—since sports bras, leggings, and athletic shirts are made of synthetic fibers (plastic) so they don’t absorb sweat like cotton clothes do and instead helps wick it away.572 The BPA in the clothes is absorbed through the skin because of the close contact, and the Center for Environmental Health sent legal notices to eight brands of popular women’s clothes putting them on notice about the concerning levels of the chemical found in their clothes.573 Some suspect soy consumption is causing the drop in testosterone since it contains phytoestrogens or plant-based estrogen, effecting hormones levels—feminizing males.574 Is consuming too much soy contributing to the gender-bending and sexual disorientation epidemic? Is it causing hormone imbalances in pregnant women who consume it, thus altering the brains of their baby boys? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a very interesting statement during an interview on Dr. Jordan Peterson’s podcast when Peterson stated he believes the apocalyptic hysteria about climate change has demoralized young people and is causing high levels of depression and loneliness. Kennedy responded that he thought that was a simplistic reason, and went on to say, “In fact, I think a lot of the problems we see in kids and particularly boys, it’s probably underappreciated how much of that is coming from chemical exposures, including a lot of the sexual dysphoria that we’re seeing.”575 He continued, “You know these kids are being overwhelmed by a tsunami, I mean they’re swimming through a soup of toxic chemicals today. And many of those are endocrine disruptors. There’s atrazine throughout our water supply. Atrazine by the way, if you, in a lab put atrazine in a tank full of frogs it will chemically castrate and forcibly feminize every frog in there. And ten percent of the frogs, the male frogs, will turn into fully viable females able to produce viable eggs, and if it’s doing that to frogs there’s a lot of other evidence that it’s doing it to human beings as well.”576 Atrazine is a common herbicide used to kill weeds in farmers’ fields, golf courses, and residential lawns. And has been found in the water supply in hundreds of districts across America, which millions of people have been drinking.577 Aside from killing weeds which it’s designed to do, it has been shown to convert testosterone into estrogen.578 One of Alex Jones famous rants is about “chemicals in the water that turn the fricking frogs gay,” referring to Atrazine, and if you can look past his histrionics, he was making a good point. He had seen the studies and was frustrated and upset that the issue wasn’t getting the attention it should and that more people weren’t concerned about it. People also made fun of him for ranting about the BPA in juice boxes feminizing boys because many couldn’t look past his over the top style and didn’t understand just how sophisticated his concerns were behind his theatrics hoping to get people’s attention.579 A growing number of scientists now suspect that birth control pills may actually be causing some women to become sexually attracted to other women! The pill has long been known to come with a range of side effects from weight gain to mood swings, but now scientists are investigating anecdotal evidence that the hormone changes they cause may result in altering some women’s sexual attraction.580 It can take eight months to a year before a woman’s hormone levels return to normal after she stops taking the birth control shot.581 In fact, it’s fairly common for women who stop taking birth control to experience side effects for months, ranging from no menstrual periods, to acne and hair loss, in what’s called post-birth control syndrome.582 Is birth control medication (which is designed to alter women’s hormone levels) also having effects on fetus development even after they stop taking it? There are other factors most people are unaware of as well that are missing from virtually every discussion and debate about homosexuality and transgenderism. TMZ, the celebrity news site, published a story back in 2015 when Bruce Jenner first announced that he was transitioning into a “woman” and taking female hormones which contradicted everything the LGBT advocates had said for years about “gay conversion therapy.” TMZ reported, “Several prominent doctors in the field tell us, the hormones often change sexual preference,” and referenced a study of 300 transgender people showing one third of them changed their sexual preference because of the opposite sex hormones they took.583 They noted that the female hormones Bruce Jenner was taking would feminize not just his body, but also his brain, causing him to “think like a woman,” and there was a 1/3 chance he would be sexually attracted to men as a result. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has also reported that many transgender patients’ sexual orientation (meaning the sex they’re attracted to) changes due to undergoing hormone therapy as they’re attempting to change their gender.584 So if over 30% of people who take hormones of the opposite sex in hopes of altering their body to become more like that sex, ultimately end up also changing their sexual orientation (who they’re attracted to because their brain also changes), then why isn’t hormone replacement therapy being explored to help children (and adults) who suffer from gender dysphoria? If a boy thinks he’s a girl, or feels like a girl, then why not give him testosterone to masculinize his brain instead of giving him cross hormones (estrogen) and then subjecting him to all kinds of horrifying surgeries trying to make him look like a woman? Is it possible that the transgender movement is looking at this entire problem from the wrong angle? And why isn’t HRT (hormone replacement therapy) being used on homosexuals to fix their sexual attraction disorder by giving them hormone boosters that correspond with their own biological sex, since that appears to be a way to reverse their same sex attraction? Perhaps with medical advances in the future and brave scientists who aren’t afraid of the social consequences of their findings we may have definitive answers to these questions and solutions to these problems. But it’s also possible that because of the ramifications of uncomfortable truths, these answers may be forever suppressed and hidden, and the scientists who pursue them smeared by disinformation campaigns as the human species continues to suffer from mass psychosis, endocrine disrupting chemical-induced birth defects, and genital-mutilating surgeries marketed as the only solution.

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whoa what a long read.... as anecdote my cousins, they had 6girls at first , then boy... granted they live in countryside, literal farm , so that has effect countering all those synthetics.

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The pill, opened the doorway for women into the world of prostitution and sexual deviancy.

And opened new business opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in making profits from the sex industry!

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did it really? wild west (1800s midwest US) had these prostitutes like many other places.

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Not on the scale of today it didnt!

Today, its off the scale! You got apps like strip chat, where any girl or woman, or boys, can register free a account and set up a sex business in front of their ipad or smart phone, in thier underwear, in front of live audiences, who pay money for private or public live viewing of sex acts!

It could be your own daughter, selling herself online in her bedroom while your downstairs watching Eastenders!

Thiis is the insane world where we are at!

plus attitudes have been manipulated and prostitution through advertising and social media apps has literally made prostitution glamorous and a career opportunity!

The real pimps now, are the website developers/ owners of these sex app traps, they skim off large portions of the girls income, through the app payments! Effective rendering these woman as pimped out slags!

Leftists / communist marxist ideology is also behind the normalisation of this activity and prostitution as one of its weapons of destruction of the family, and pushing promiscuity and homosexuality and transgender, lgbqt in order to destroy western civilisation, Christianity and our culture.

The enemy is now amongst us all, they are inside the gates of the citys! And plot through the night on how To destroy western civilisation from within!

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I've just read Mary Harrington's book 'Feminism Against Progress'. Harrington delves into the toxic effects of the contraceptive Pil on the brain and the expectation that girls start using it as teenagers, leading to most unsatisfactory sexual experiences. Perhaps, Ed, you could interview her, if you haven't already?

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However, what do you do with women born in the mid 1960s who were left by their own father (usually for the much younger woman the father met at the office) and had their own abandoned mother try to raise them? Same woman growing up in the 1970s sees men leaving their wives and children at a somewhat constant rate and this same woman gets into university in the 1980s and uses contraception faithfully to keep from getting pregnant on campus and then later in early entry level employment. Whether she wants a sexual encounter or it's forced upon her.

Mary Harrington has her well-thought out point of view, but what do you do with the girls born in the mid 60s who saw men, as they became more wealthy, leave their wives to start second families when Wife No. 1 hit 42 years of age?

I have it on very good authority that many of this demographic grew up thinking, "Nope, if I am drawing a salary and keeping my fertility completely under control, THAT won't happen to me ..."

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Harrington's book serves to highlight the bad side of progress experienced by women (and men). The women of the 1960s didn't know about the cost of sexual liberation she writes about, because the effects hadn't been studied yet.

The academic author Matt Goodwin also refers to stats that suggest middle class people, say, professionals, actually get married and stay together at high rates. It's the children of lower income groups that have suffered most from this social experiment, optimistically embraced by feminists, perhaps, but also exploited by men who want freely available sex without commitment.

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Yes and those women with whom I went to university in the mid-1980s shot into the professional stratosphere (dentists with their own medical practice, medical patent lawyers, M.D.s of rare diseases with access to research funds, etc.) and the Pill acted as a bulletproof vest for their overachievement fueled by fear of being abandoned by the phantom father of their future, now non-existent, children. Those days and that type of woman are now both long gone, replaced by the usual suspects.

There's a side to the birth control phenomenon which people don't see because the girls who worried about being abandoned -- just by looking around at the trends in neighborhood families -- kept their mouths shut and their university GPAs high enough to get into graduate school.

Even as Prof Dutton points out, it was also those women who used birth control pills responsibly and who would go one to have one or no children and this has a knock-on effect two generations later on I.Q. in the general population.

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Mid to late 1980s is my own generation and I do recall the negativity associated with being a housewife or primarily wanting to be a mother. It was discouraged at school by our teachers who frowned at the very old fashioned idea! Also, from the 1980s onwards, twenty and thirty something working women in the UK pushed house prices up, because there were two salaries available to pay higher mortgages. This made single breadwinners of the same generation a tiny percentage of the population with only very highly paid men able afford the luxury of a stay-at-home wife!

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15th December, London

Christmas Dinner

Secure your seat at our Christmas dinner with Prof. Edward Dutton, Aporia Magazine founder Matthew Archer and other interesting guests. The dinner will be held in one of London's most atmospheric locations.

We treat your attendance with the highest confidentiality. Order below and you will receive all further details via email. The ticket price is 245£, and the seats are very limited.

All tickets have been sold. We will announce future events like this on Mr. Dutton's YouTube and on thejollyheretic.com

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I'm glad we have you to cut through the garbled scientific papers and to put this information into layman's terms. I wonder if this applies to other types of contraceptive such as the coil.

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Turns out the Catholic Church is right. See Humanae Vitae from 1968. Contraception is a mortal sin that will destroy society. It did. https://www.hli.org/resources/7-basic-points-humanae-vitae-summary/

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Nov 20, 2023·edited Nov 21, 2023

Your link to Human Life International, the accompanying YouTube video "Humanae Vitae 2-Minute Crash Course" has only a thousand views and one comment after 5 months. Whatever prompted revisiting the 1968 encyclical, Catholics are sure not interested in the message or passing it on.

The Afro hairdos of the mother and child characters (and weird grey eyes), and whitish father with brown eyes and features suggesting a Hispanic, is clearly a nod to DEI and the left wing who promote birth control pills and abortion for teens with out parental consent.

This is from a Catholic org that calls itself the largest international pro-life organization in the world.

It's a propaganda film worth watching, with a laugh-out-loud twist in the story line that shows what these people are really up to. We are introduced to the loving family, father, mother and daughter. But the video is a characterization of the 7 key points of the encyclical, and Points 1 thru 5 are images of the ideal. Two thirds in, we get to reality in Point #6: "Contraception destroys society", and a scene with blacked-out human figures.

Then a scene with the dejected mother/wife figure with the Afro hairdo, while the husband holds up a heart to a Latina hottie (absolutely Latina), symbolizing him cheating because the birth control pill ruined sexual morality. But comes the solution, Point 7: "We must build a pro-child culture". All happy again we see the mother/wife figure with the Afro with a baby bump, ready to bring their precious daughter into the world.

And what comes next? The husband (future) on bended knee proposing with ring in hand, AFTER she's knocked up!

Tell me that's not funny in a Catholic propaganda video that along with al the intersectional imagery, they made that the story line. How could a Catholic pro-life org promoting marriage fidelity, the largest in the world they say, miss that? It's a shout out, "Hey everyone, Come on in! We don't believe in any of that old dead white man stuff either."

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Nov 19, 2023·edited Nov 20, 2023

True, but that is the writing of just one man not the church. The Vatican last week blessed transgender baptism, a flip from just two years ago. Men dressing up as women and having sex with other men is a complete rejection of the 1968 encyclical, and everything else the Christian faith stands for.

The infamous gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson is quoted as saying the path for getting open homosexuals into positions of authority in the church is first getting women in as priests. The Catholic Church is moving fast on that front.

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I find troublesome church never addresses accidental kids and poverty by that; ie smart balanced people plan how many kids they have according to environment. eg it is hardly beneficial 1960s many families in europe had 10 or more kids.

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Correlation of this and the number of women who go missing while traveling alone in 3rd world countries?

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That would be the starkest corollary I suppose, but isn't this effect likely to be far subtler to be experienced by society at large? (From a 'discussion' point of view including the far sex I get it though)

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