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The Rise and Fall of Civilizations | WhatIfAltHist

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The Rise and Fall of Civilizations | WhatIfAltHist

Cycles, Revolutions, and Societal Collapse

I sat down with Whatifaltihist, AKA Rudyard Lynch, a facinating young man who runs the WhatIfAltHist YouTube channel.

We discussed long-term historical cycles that civilisations go through, with a particular focus on the 250-year "secular cycle" that seems to parallel modern Western societies with the French Revolution era. laid out the drivers behind this cycle - income inequality, wage stagnation, and competition for elite jobs.

He drew parallels between today's alienated youth unable to achieve life milestones like marriage and family formation, and the restless populace of pre-Revolutionary France. The conversation also delved into the potential biological and evolutionary underpinnings of these cycles, driven by factors like hormones and hardwired genetic behavioural impulses.

We also covered topics like the masculinity/incel crisis, the occult origins of leftist ideologies, and his "psychological black death" theory which predicts a mental health pandemic akin to the Black Plague, already manifesting in Gen Z's psychological issues.

If you’re interested in applying these cyclical frameworks to understand the current turmoil, this is the podcast for you.

Here’s a clip, on the occult origins of the Left.

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