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Helen Dale | TJH Ep 2

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Helen Dale | TJH Ep 2

What's it like to have a 148 IQ? And what can the Romans teach us about wokeism?


Bonus questions are now at the end of the show, rather than being uploaded as a separate segment.

The YouTube live stream will continue to go out Thursday evening if you wish to watch the podcast live. It will then be on Odysee until Saturday, after which it will be archived behind the paywall on Substack with bonus questions added.

Apologies for all the hoop-jumping, chaps, but this is what the YouTube mutant overlords have reduced me to.

Helen Dale is an Australian writer, lawyer, and commentator. She is known for her thought-provoking novels and essays that often blend historical and speculative elements. Her literary works and legal background allow her to approach various topics with depth and nuance. Dale's contributions to discussions on culture, law, and politics are widely regarded in both academic and general readership circles. You should therefore subscribe to her brilliant Substack!

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