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The Daily Mail article isn't much of a hit piece with the sole critic quoted being the "Director of African Studies", someone with zero credibility by definition and the lame flat earth jibe. Cofnas also gets the last word, six paragraphs with no rebuttal. For a "race realist" I'd say that's pretty good exposure. And the comments, which were moderated then closed, were 2 to 1 likes in favor of Cofnas. The DM gone full Samizdat, eh? Whatever it is the message got through. It's Cofnas' solution that does not hold up.

Cofnas believes that all that's needed to stop the woke juggernaut is to "educate" the elites that race differences in achievement are biological, that as soon as they know the truth they will come around to what Cofnas calls the "hereditarian revolution". DM actually quotes it:

"The equality thesis is based on lies. Expose the lies and present the truth in a way that smart people can understand, and you can change minds."

I'm not sure where Cofnas got the idea that the educated left are ignorant about race differences. They are exploiting and have crafted race differences into a belief system: Equality by force. Hence like any belief system, the woke empire won't be defeated by logic. The $1M per year university admins, the army of paid propagandists and non-profit and NGO execs, thousands of gov functionaries and commissars, does Cofnas actually believe they will give up that power voluntarily for the "truth"?

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The first video shows something I've believed for a dozen years or more - Of all the subjects taught in UK universities Philosophy is the weakest. I've talked to people who've taken an MA in an allegedly decent UK university who was stunned to hear Marx's labour theory of value had been shown to be bunk. Yet Philosophy courses are STILL teaching it as plausible.

The third video - I think you mean "ole-ag-inous" not "ole-gin-eous" but I may be wrong?

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