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Bitcoin, Gold & the Inevitable Collapse of Fiat Currency | Dominic Frisby

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Bitcoin, Gold & the Inevitable Collapse of Fiat Currency | Dominic Frisby

And the Tax Story Behind Every War And Revolution

Dominic Frisby is a British comedian, writer and financial writer. He is best known for his annual "lectures with funny bits" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which have covered topics like tax, gold, weights and measures, and the economics of the Fringe itself.

Frisby has written numerous books blending economics, history and comedy, including "Life After the State," and "Daylight Robbery: How Tax shaped our past and will change our future." He also runs The Flying Frisby, a substack focused on finance and economics.

In this fascinating conversation, comedian and we unpack the underlying economic forces that have made housing unaffordable for young people today, fiat money, declining family sizes, the history of tax, the corruption of elite universities, and how comedy is becoming bifurcated along cultural battle lines of "woke" vs "anti-woke."

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Here’s a clip, about how taxation shaped our history, and will shape our future:

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