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The Anti-intellectualism of Women | Daniella Pentsak

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The Anti-intellectualism of Women | Daniella Pentsak


The controversial conservative commentator Daniella Pentsak joined me to discuss the impact of women on higher education and the changing nature of academic discourse. Pentsak argued that as more women enter academia, it is promoting an anti-meritocratic environment that stifles open debate and privileges inclusion over quality education. We explored how this female competition style, which aims to socially ostracise rather than directly engage with opposing viewpoints, is damaging the intellectual caliber of universities.

We also discussed the rising "absurdist" strain on the far-right, exemplified by figures like Nick Fuentes, which she sees as an aesthetic movement that aims to attract youth through edgy transgression rather than a serious pursuit of political change - posing the question of whether such absurdist provocations could provide an appealing counter-cultural alternative to the stultifying political correctness of the left's control over mainstream art and culture.

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