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Tales from the pre-Civil War | Charles Veitch

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Tales from the pre-Civil War | Charles Veitch

The Life and Times of a Youtube rebel

2024 will, incredibly, be Charles Veitch’s fifteenth year on Youtube. His videos, very much “one man with a cam” see him walk the streets if Britain, usually in his home city of Manchester, and document the oddities, misfits, petty authoritarians, as well as the good-hearted and mild mannered yeomanry that make up the Great British Public. A fascinating insight into Britain today, and the everyday insanity on its streets.

He joined for a very special in-person conversation where he told me his remarkable journey from leftist to conspiracy theorist to Based Internet Star.

Along the way, we talk about how words like racism are used to shut down conversations, spiteful mutants, fighting and the greedy autistic mathematicians that run everything.

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