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Greg Johnson | TJH Ep 1

Greg Johnson | TJH Ep 1

Ed speaks with dissident philosopher, writer, and editor-in-chief of Counter-Currents Publishing, Greg Johnson.

We’re going to start uploading all interviews as podcasts, so you can listen on the move should you choose!

Before we introduce this week’s guest, we have now unpaywalled the Budapest vlog, which can you enjoy all 47 minutes of here:

Greg Johnson is a dissident philosopher, writer, and Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents Publishing. Through Counter-Currents he has published over 40 books, several of which he has authored. In their own words:

The purpose of Counter-Currents is to promote white identity politics. We argue that white identity politics is inevitable, necessary, and moral. We dismantle bad arguments for multiculturalism and globalization and promote workable, humane alternatives. We envision a world in which every ethnic group has a homeland of its own, where it can pursue its own destiny free of outside interference. We analyze politics and culture from a pro-white perspective. Indeed, Counter-Currents is about everything — the whole universe — viewed from a pro-white perspective. Thus in his speech “Western Civilization Bites Back,” Jonathan Bowden said, “Counter-Currents is, to my estimation, a sort of Right-wing university.” But Counter-Currents isn’t just about pro-white ideas, for we also work to foster pro-white communities, both online and in the real world.