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Bad Science vs Based Science | Crémieux

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Bad Science vs Based Science | Crémieux

The great and mysterious vanquisher of Bad Science

In recent times, there has been an explosion of anonymous Based scientists bringing their work to public attention through fora like X. Radical, Based science is now available to an audience of billions, accessible to anyone with a phone. Perhaps more importantly, these social media scholars have been able to shake the ramparts of the ivory towers, and show up so many of our established scientists, with columns, book deals and TV series, as the frauds that they are.

One of the most exciting of this new breed of online educators is Crémieux Recueil. Who is he? Don’t know. What does he look like? No idea. Is he even a he? We can’t be sure. However, Crémieux was kind enough to grant me a podcast, where we covered all manor of things Based, from the IQ of the Ashkenazis, why the Vikings were violent, the effect of selection events, and the need for anonymity in Based science.

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